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Whether you’re starting out or are a seasoned professional, it can be hard to keep up with the rules and regulations surrounding HMRC, VAT, Payroll and Taxes because these rules change often and without notice.

Missing some of these changes could land you in considerable trouble with HMRC (the new laws around IR35, for example), but missing other changes could mean you pay more tax than you should.

At Grampian Accounting, our single mission is to stay ahead of those changes and make sure you benefit from them where possible.

To that end, we offer day-to-day services, as well as planning, forecasting and help with investigations. Let Grampian Accounting focus on these so you can focus on your business.

business Advice

Whether you’re a small start-up or an established business, we’ll explain how we can look after the nitty-gritty of your accounts, so you don’t have to!

With decades of experience across multiple industries and business types, our team of specialists will be able to answer your questions and show you how to maximise your profits, gain control over your accounts, and free you up from the day-to-day running of your financial administration.

Not only can all this work be done for you under one roof, but you will also be given a carefully selected account manager who will be on call to answer your questions.

Accounting Services

We will process your data promptly after your year-end, and discuss the results with you in detail.

Under Corporation Tax, the legal responsibility for correctly calculating the corporation tax liability falls on business owners. We deal with this as part of the accounting process.

We can help you set up and maintain your record-keeping system. If you don’t want to keep your own records we can do this for you too.

Constantly changing regulations mean that VAT compliance can become complex. We can help you comply with the regulations and ensure your VAT returns are accurate and filed on time.

Payroll can be time-consuming and complicated. The consequence of getting it wrong is high and, like other compliance areas, can divert resources from the core activities of your business. To make sure you focus on your business, we provide a complete payroll service, whatever the size or complexity of your business.

As well as providing advice on lining up your business and personal tax affairs and ensuring all claims are made as per regulation, we will complete and submit your self-assessment tax return on your behalf.

In addition to being compliant with all of HMRC’s rules and regulations, if you are a limited company, you also have to meet the filing requirements of Companies House.

Grampian Accounting can make all of the filings and amendments necessary to keep you compliant with the rules and avoid fines from Companies House.

There’s enough in your work and personal calendar to keep you busy. To make sure all HMRC deadlines are met, we will maintain your tax schedule for you.

To that end, we’ll be in touch when we need information to draw up your accounts or to talk you through what’s being submitted.

We can guarantee that you’ll never miss a deadline and you will always comply with Companies House and HMRC.


If you’d like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with specialists taking care of your business accounts, bookkeeping, VAT and payroll, then please get in touch

Business Services

Most entrepreneurs go into business with the dream of creating a successful, profitable venture that supports their lifestyle and gives them the freedom to grow.

The trouble is, many of those dreams aren’t realised because the business model is flawed or the venture grows beyond the financial experience of the owner.

We understand that! It’s hard to know what you don’t know. This is why we offer ongoing advice to all our clients.

With decades of experience in business, we are always available to offer clear advice and guidance. We believe that the more you know and understand your money, the better choices you will make.

At Grampian Accounting our role isn’t just to submit your accounts and take the day-to-day operations off your hands, but to help you become more informed and financially smart.

A tax investigation by HM Revenue & Customs can be a stressful and worrying experience for any business owner.

If you are about to be the subject of an investigation, we can provide the expert help and support you need.

In addition, to make sure you’re protected from unexpected bills, all our clients are offered insurance against fees incurred in HMRC investigations.

With all tax and VAT assessments going digital, the easiest way to stay in control of your finances is to use the appropriate accounting software to suit your business.

As well as recommending the best software to meet your needs, our team will provide training for you and your staff.

Having this level of insight increases your control over your business financials throughout the year.

It’s one thing to have information about how your business runs. It’s another thing to know what to do with that information.

Put another way: You can’t manage what you can’t measure; but if you can’t read what you measure, then you won’t be able to manage it anyway!

That’s where we can help.

When needed, we will work closely with you to prepare your monthly or quarterly management accounts. This means you will always have reliable and accurate information at your fingertips.

Our priority is to help you become more profitable, keep more of what you earn, and pay less tax.

If you would like to find out how we can help you get more useful information out of your accounts, please contact our team.