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Saving Time with Receipt Bank


    In business, the clichéd phrase “time is money”, is almost always proven to be true. So, when you are managing your business it is crucial to have an automated bookkeeping software that streamlines its day to day running. We use Receipt Bank to save our customers valuable time by automating the process of logging receipts and tracking spending.

    So how exactly does Receipt Bank save time and make things more efficient?

    1.Less physical data

    Firstly, by using a smartphone to scan images of your bills, receipts, statements, invoices etc. you can store all the relevant data and eradicate the need for numerous bits of paper that are likely to get damaged, lost or be taking up space. Above all, this helps you keep up to date and organised records of all your purchases and payments.

    2. Search through your transactions

    Secondly, as Receipt Bank saves all the data from your receipts and bills, you are able to use the software to search for specific retailers, dates and values. This helps you find the information you need quickly and easily.

    3. Create rules to cut back on processing time

    By automating the processing of your receipts, Receipt Bank will save you valuable time. This is time that can be better spent doing what you do best – running your business. You can cut your admin time down by using this software to do the manual work for you.

    4. Real time accounting

    As soon as a payment has been processed in receipt bank we are able to analyse the data and keep your books up to date. The software gives us real time information when processing your data.

    5. No more human error

    The nature of an automated system, unsurprisingly, removes the opportunity for human error. Using a system like Receipt Bank allows us to receive accurate and up to date information to process your accounts and saves time reworking and amending typos.

    6. Ease of use

    Finally – not only does Receipt Bank save you time, and therefore money, but it is also so easy to use. All it takes to keep your records up to date is taking a quick photograph of your receipts and upload it to the app. Simple as that!

    We do all the processing for some of our clients. Using Receipt Bank allows us to speed up this process and reduces the cost for the client as we have fewer hours spent on processing.

    If you have any questions about automated bookkeeping software and using Receipt Bank please feel free to contact us for more information.