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Need help with your accounts, payroll, VAT or Self-Assessment? Come and have a chat. You’ll find us approachable, professional and effective accountants. Discover more about our range of standard services and benefit from our down to earth, practical, approach.

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Oil Industry Contractors

Want to pay less tax? Worried about IR35? Need a simple solution to stay out of trouble with the tax man? Come and talk to us about our specialist services for oil industry contractors and consultants.

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If you have a business in the construction industry, managing your finances can be a complex and daunting task. Construction accounting is complex because your business finances aren’t likely to be fixed on a monthly – or even weekly – basis, and the smallest error can have a disastrous domino effect. As experienced accountants for electricians, plumbers, builders and more, we can help you take charge of your finances and benefit from the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme to make incredible tax savings. Contact us to work with friendly and professional accountants for tradesmen today.

Accountants for Tradesmen

When it comes to construction accounting, you’re already at a disadvantage in comparison with many other types of businesses. Firstly, you deal with hugely variable overheads and often juggle multiple projects at once. You also have to take contractors and subcontractors into account and the payroll, if you do have contract staff on the books, changes every month. Then consider the fact that it can often take months after work completion for income to show up; calling in qualified accountants for tradesmen really is the only way to go.

Here at Grampian Accountancy, we offer a full-service construction accounting and bookkeeping services. Do you need guidance in setting up your finances as a start-up business? We’ll help you build a strong foundation for the future. Are you struggling to manage your books, or want to slash overheads and boost profits? Our entrepreneurial approach as accountants for electricians, joiners, plumbers and more will ensure you’re making the best financial decisions for your business through our business accounting services.

We can transform your old bookkeeping system from collecting receipts, manual timesheets and complicated spreadsheets in bags in your van, to an efficient and organised system online. We can introduce you to a mix of cloud accounting systems that automate your bank upload, make your purchases digital, enable you to enter time digitally and cost each project easily. Once we have implemented these systems for you, running your business will be both more efficient and profitable. We can also run payroll and CIS for our clients using these cloud accounting systems.

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HMRC Construction Industry Scheme

With our construction accounting services, not only will we help you get your books under control, we’ll provide our expertise to make your business as profitable as possible. We consider our clients’ success as our own success and want to see you thrive.

As experienced accountants for tradesmen, we’ll make sure you benefit from the likes of the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme. This offers tax relief and can significantly improve your cash flow and take-home pay. There are also many other ways in which you can legally pay less tax without falling prey to HMRC as a result. We’ll ensure you make the most of all available to you.

Reliable Construction Accounting

At Grampian Accounting, we take a unique approach to construction accounting that works in your favour. We promise to never hide behind accountancy jargon, mislead you or make our services difficult to understand. We offer full transparency and use clear language to help you take control over your own finances. We offer straightforward, fixed-rate fees and will never add on extra expenses or charges, and operate an open-door policy; we’re happy to chat on the phone or face to face should you have the slightest worries or concerns.

As experienced accountants for electricians and all walks of the construction industry, we’re well placed to take on your construction accounting, no matter the scale of your business. To find out more about how our accountants for tradesmen can help your business, or to find out more about the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme, contact Grampian Accounting today.

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