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As a contractor or consultant you are probably aware of some of the options open to you to reduce the amount of tax you pay on your earnings. After all, there are lots of schemes around… Umbrella Companies, Limited Companies, Group Arrangements, Offshore Accounts. But how can you choose the one that’s right for you? Which one gives you most in your pocket? What’s the risk?

In the current climate, many of these schemes are easy targets for HMRC. Yet in a rapidly changing world, Grampian Accounting can provide solid advice about saving money safely – keeping more of what you earn and paying less tax. In short, finding the best tax solutions for oil industry contractors.

We have extensive knowledge of the contracting and consulting industry and are fully trained in the complexities of IR35. We offer clear Fixed Fee agreements individually tailored to the level of service required.

Where are you on the ‘Contractors at Risk’ scale?

If you are an oil industry contractor or consultant…

If no one has explained the tax risks of being in a contractor relationship with your customers…

If you’ve only just started being self-employed…

Then it’s time we had a chat. There’s no charge and no obligation – just a great opportunity for a tax specialist to look over your position and give you essential advice. Contact us or call now on 01224 748298.