We are not a traditional Accountants' office with a hierarchy going from the office boy to the partner.

We are a team and this is reflected in everything we do and how clients deal with us. You’ll get to know us very quickly by our first names.

Grampian Accounting Customer Service Charter

  1. Language. You’ll never catch us talking accounting jargon to you. Just plain, straightforward language that everyone understands – so there’s never any misunderstanding.
  2. Accessibility. One of the biggest bugbears of many accountancy firms’ clients is having little or no access to the person in charge of their accounts. While some firms hide their senior people away and make it difficult, if not impossible, to talk to them, at GA, it’s just the reverse. Our senior director, Eric Bowen, takes an active part in every client’s affairs and is happiest when he’s chatting to clients on the phone or face to face.
  3. Fees. Our fee policy is as straightforward as you might expect. No hidden charges for phone calls or meetings; no unexpected disbursements appearing on your bill; Just a simple fee – agreed in advance – so there’s never any surprise when your bill arrives.
  4. Entrepreneurial approach. Although it says ‘Accountants’ on the door, you’ll find that the GA team are business people with an entrepreneurial approach and many years of experience dealing with all types of businesses. Whether you are looking for a start up business accountant, contractor accounting services or simply want to find ways to pay less tax, the Grampian approach will help you get the best result.
  5. Solid expertise. There is always a major focus on the oil industry in this area, for obvious reasons, and of course we have many clients who are deeply involved in that industry. But our expertise covers every aspect of business life, from retail to trades, and from services to manufacturing. Whatever your business, you can rely on Grampian Accounting to give you the highest level of service and expertise.
  6. Great people. Above all, we have a great team of business-focused individuals whose prime aim is to help our clients by providing a second-to-none service. After all, if you’re successful, there’s a good chance we will be too. Find out more about the team here.