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Flat Rate VAT Reclaim


    Were you on the Flat Rate VAT Scheme? You may be due a refund.

    Before we get into the value you could stand to reclaim, lets clarify who is eligible for a refund using the following criteria:

    – Are you a Limited Company servicing the Oil and Gas industry ?

    – Have you been on the Flat Rate VAT Scheme in the past 4 years ?

    – Were you on the category of ‘Architect, civil and structural engineer or surveyor’ , based on HMRC guidelines at the time ?

    If you meet the above criteria then it is in your best interest to get in touch with us, as a rebate from HMRC may be in order.

    We have been successfully making claims for values ranging up to £18,000 with an average reclaim value of £8,000. This isn’t just for a couple of clients either – we have made over 170 separate claims so far.

    It’s also worth mentioning fees here – you’ll definitely be wondering what it might cost you! Unlike other accountants we don’t believe it’s fair to take a slice of your cake and so we charge a one off fee of up to £300 on the claims we make – even if you are getting back £1,000s!

    If you would like to contact us on the above then please do not hesitate – we would love to help you today! Our phone number is 01224 748 298 or email Val on