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Flat VAT Reclaim – It’s Your Money


    A number of months ago we put out a blog on our Flat VAT reclaim – this can be found here This blog gives the exact details of the appeals we have made, for who and why. Since then we have been wildly successful and reclaimed almost £2,000,000 for our clients.

    We have noticed that there is a link via Contractors Weekly for Companies to explain their Flat VAT reclaim – this service is being offered by QDOS for a huge fee of 25% of the refund. They do offer a no win no fee – but to date, in all the appeals we have made, HMRC have not rejected any legitimate refund claim.

    Our fee is a standard one of £300.00 plus VAT, if the claim is successful. This is regardless of the value of the refund.

    Therefore, if  you or any colleagues out there have not made their refund appeal, please get in touch and we can do this exercise. Its your money, your entitlement and we certainly do not wish to take 25% of their refund.

    We currently carry this exercise out for clients and non-clients on a regular basis. There is no commitment required for you to become our client for us to complete this exercise for you.

    If you would like to find out more about your eligibility for a reclaim then we would recommend either getting in touch or reading our previous blog mentioned above. This details the case that brought the FRS VAT Reclaims to light and therefore the criteria that generally allow us to process a claim. We have been successful in every legitimate case we have put forward and want to help you get the money back that you are entitled to.

    If you would like to contact us on the above then please do not hesitate – we would love to help you today! Email Val on