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QuickBooks Connect

    QB Connect

    Our QuickBooks Connect Adventure

    As some of you may know Cloud Accounting is where the industry is headed and at the head of the many providers of Cloud Accounting packages is Intuit with their fantastic QuickBooks. We travelled down to their annual conference in London this year to find out what all the fuss is about and see what their vision of the future is.


    With the ‘Beast from the East’ closing in on the UK we made it to the event on Tuesday morning amid a fresh snowfall and were met with the imposing Printworks hall. This massive space was decked out with tables and chairs for discussions and had areas for the break out sessions to be presented in. The building had a fantastic feel for such an event and the only sour note was the chill which hit the UK that morning.


    One of the important things we wanted to hear about from Intuit was exactly what their vision of the future was when it came to us as accountants and from the perspective of small business. In the morning keynote address they came straight out and delivered on this point – QuickBooks see themselves in the future as being a market leader in Cloud Accounting and this means they are committed to the UK market and investing in that market NOW. What does this mean for you? It means that QuickBooks is in over gear when it comes to development and bringing new technology to you via their platform. We were shown what the future of ‘QB Assistant’ looks like – this is intelligent AI. QuickBooks hope this will be available to provide insights into your business to help you run it more efficiently and provide greater profits. In addition to this apps were also discussed – how on Earth do you find the apps that you need given that there are now over 500 of them? Well QuickBooks answered this concern by mentioning that they will be beginning to curate apps and suggest ones that they believe will be applicable to your business. Intuit have a vision where QuickBooks isn’t just used to do your books but it is where you can network with your accountant, gain insights on small businesses experiencing similar issues and provide financial support to your business.

    Golden Ticket

    After the morning keynote it was off to the main hall where some hand picked partners had stalls. To name a few there was Receipt Bank, T Sheets, Auto Doc, Fluidly, Futrli, SimPro and many more! Our managing director Val particularly enjoyed T Sheet’s stand as she found a Golden Ticket in their promotional material!

    The Main Hall was packed with innovate apps which we believe will make a big difference to small business and don’t have the big price tag. There were apps for data collection like Receipt Bank, project management like SimPro and time sheets like T Sheets and many more besides. As we gradually transition people onto Cloud Accounting packages we will recommend these to you as we see them benefiting your business. After all whats the point of an app if it won’t help you reach your goals and succeed?

    Glenn and Holly

    In reflection of the event we at Grampian Accounting are excited to be working with QuickBooks to bring you the tools you need to succeed in your business and we firmly believe that QuickBooks is well placed to do that!

    If you have any questions then please let us know on, give us a call on 01224 748 298 or message us on social media.