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Dividends at Christmas

    At this time of year, we see lots of people looking to take out dividends. Due to this festive rush, we thought it might be interesting to outline how the process works at GA. Below we have outlined how the process works internally. If you… Read More »Dividends at Christmas

    Marriage Rings

    Marriage Allowance

      Taking advantage of the Marriage Allowance could reduce your 2019/2020 tax bill by up to £250 this year. The government introduced the Marriage Allowance scheme in 2013 to give married couples and civil partners income tax relief. It enables them to reduce their 2019/2020 tax… Read More »Marriage Allowance

      Growing Money

      Loss of Personal Allowance

        What impact will earning over £100,000 have on your Personal Allowance? The Loss of personal allowance due to the level of income breaching the £100,000 threshold is an issue that is a double edged sword from a taxpayer’s point of view. There are a few… Read More »Loss of Personal Allowance